How to Handle Praise and Recognition

As a youth, my parents were always supportive of any endeavours my sister and I chose to chase. From art classes, boy or girl scouts, band, or tee-ball, my parents were there to help us follow our youth-filled passions. What sticks out in my mind is the response we’d get when we had an accomplishment…… Continue reading How to Handle Praise and Recognition

Learn to say “thank you,” it might be the only thing you can give.

This weekend I had the opportunity to partake in a Wim Hof Method workshop. It was intense. If you aren’t familiar with “The Ice-Man” and his method check out his website. Just the welcoming picture will give you an idea of what this man is all about. The workshop itself contained everything I expected: breathing exercises, explanations…… Continue reading Learn to say “thank you,” it might be the only thing you can give.

Do we eat cake now, or eat cake later?

One of the biggest struggles I have faced as a budding Stoic is trying to balance the philosophy of Stoicism with the theory of Hedonism. A gentleman I worked with that sat right next to me tested my stoic nature every day. He had the nickname “Big Chillin’” as he was known to cruise through…… Continue reading Do we eat cake now, or eat cake later?

Keep thinking about it, maybe something will happen.

While at work the other day I heard someone jokingly speak the old adage “do as I say, not as I do.” What a cop-out of a phrase. What an easy way to allow a person to espouse “wisdom” and knowledge without holding themselves to the same standards. Philosophers tend to have a bad reputation…… Continue reading Keep thinking about it, maybe something will happen.

They all know something you don’t.

One of the actions I gain the most pleasure from is introducing the people in my life to stoicism. Whether they’ve been peers, people I’ve led, managed, or have been lead or managed by, I always try to share the beauty of stoicism. One of the main tenets I’ve adopted to my personal philosophy I…… Continue reading They all know something you don’t.

How to express yourself.

I was at a baseball game yesterday enjoying the summer air and everything that it brings with it. Sun-kissed skin, the smell of popped corn, merriment, and the general buzz of chatter between friends and family. Towards the end of the game, while waiting for a firework show, music was playing throughout the stadium while…… Continue reading How to express yourself.

Talent is Overrated

While “Talent is Overrated” is the namesake of a book written by Geoff Colvin, it’s also a truth that, when looking to better yourself, must be accepted. Excuses are easy to find, but more importantly and even more dangerous, is that we’re willing to write off someone else’s hard work, dedication, and investment of time as…… Continue reading Talent is Overrated

Letting go of control

I’m relatively new to the stoicism game but was pleasantly surprised to find that in action, my life is already better. I woke up to this morning to six emails, in Spanish, thanking me for my enrollment in six different courses from the website Udemy. Bizarre, as I haven’t purchased anything from Udemy. On top…… Continue reading Letting go of control